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We put the THUNDER in shooting sports

Chief Instructor

James Murphy

James has been in the shooting industry for nearly 30 years. He is a veteran of both the army and navy and has been around the world with deployments in such regions as Central America, Kuwait as well as Iraq where he trained the Iraqi police force in such things as room clearing, evidence retrieval, basic investigative techniques, search and seizures and of course firearms training. James is a certified NRA basic pistol and rifle instructor, an NRA chief range safety officer as well as a DPS certified LTC instructor. One of James favorite saying is practice does not make you perfect, perfect practice does.

Chief Range Safety Officer and Instructor

Aaron Knobloch

Aaron is a native of Lee County and joined the team at Thunderarms in 2017. Aaron has been around guns and shooting his whole life and strongly believes in the philosophy of range safety first and fun second "a very close second".

Instructor/Lead Gunsmith

Lane Turner

Another native of Lee County Lane has been a hunter, a bow hunter and fishermen his whole life. Growing up in the outdoors he has never known a moment when a firearm, bow or rod and reel was not in his hands. An accomplished gunsmith in the AR platform Lane has built several of these from the ground up and is the lead gunsmith here at Thunderarms.

Range Safety Officer

Eric Martinez

Born and raised in Elgin, Eric has been an avid firearms enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Eric has worked in law enforcement for 15 years and is a lifetime member of the NRA.